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HOW Teaching Method

The HOW method is comprised of four basic principles upon which the “Injury-Free and Ageless Exercise” program is structured.

Principle I: Breathing

Since breath changes as our emotion changes. You will learn, Nature breathing, Relaxation breathing, Normal abdominal Breathing (NAB) and Reverse Abdominal Breathing (RAB) at HOW.

Principle II: First Responder

The Core of the core muscle is Transverse Abdominal muscle, as I called “The First Responder.” At HOW we refer it as the “Crucial Ingredient” when exercises. So, simply to say every exercise is a “Core Exercises” do not move without it.

Principle III: 2 arrows and 2 V’s

2 Arrows; upper and lower arrow on the abdominal muscles. 2 V’s are along the spine. Learn how to recruit them to prevent Injuries and strengthen the lower back

Principle IV: Harmonizing of Yin/Yang - Flow

Yin and Yang Philosophy creates harmony in life and in exercises. Flow is the ultimate result of Knowledge (Yin) and movement (Yang) as one. An important process when come to learning.

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