Pilates Qigong Active Isolated Stretch Massage Therapy Greater Hartford Connecticut
Photo by Ron Compton


Upcoming Events & Workshops:

Qigong Mini-Workshop
Introduction to Tai Chi Qigong & Tai Chi Qigong Meditation - March 21st 2015, June 6th 2015, Sept. 5th 2015 and Nov. 7th 2015

NCBTMB Instructor Bio
NCBTMB Instructor Bio

NCBTMB Workshop Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang style (aka Taijiquan)

NCBTMB Workshop Medical Qigong Level I
Medical Qigong Level I - Four Seasons (12 CEs Provider #399)

NCBTMB Workshop Medical Qigong level II
Medical Qigong level II, Five Animal Sports (prerequisite Level I) 12 CEs, Provider #399