Group Active Isolated Stretch Greater Hartford Connecticut

Active Isolated Stretching


Active Isolated Stretching is a most effective method of warming up and stretching to increase flexibility. When your joints have full range of motion, they enhance the body’s ability to succeed in a variety of exercises without risk of injury.


Group Class $20.00 per class
  $180.00 10 classes
For Seniors $18.00 per class
  $160.00 10 classes
10 session classes must be taken within 3 months.

Call (860) 951-1110

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I suffered from plantar faciitis for about a year-and-a-half before trying Ching's Active Isolated Stretching Class. I tried everything to relieve the pain: taping my foot, exercises, special shoes, and stretches--without success. After about only six classes, I noticed my foot was feeling better and I could walk without excruciating pain. Ching's hamstring stretches with the rope have kept me pain-free for almost two years. I highly recommend her classes. If you can move, you can feel better."
- Carol Williams