About Us


Heights of Wellness (HOW) is a state-of-the-art studio located at 1477 Park Street, in the west end of Hartford, Connecticut.

Hi, my name is Chung Yueh-Ching, the wellness educator at Heights of Wellness. You will fall in love with life when you experience our “Purposeful Exercise System,” a wellness approach to our philosophy of “One Body One Life.”
My commitment to teaching is rooted in my Chinese name:
Healing with Joy (Yueh悅), Serving with Love (Ching卿).
A passion to learn and a change for the better is all about Joy.
A passion to share is about Love.

  • Beautiful posture
  • Joyful walking
  • Playful cardio
  • Blissful hiking
  • Helpful balance
  • Purposeful flexibility and strength
  • Meaningful Qigong
  • Insightful Taiji Chuan
  • Plentiful energy
  • Grateful longevity

Our Purposeful Exercise System is practiced by integrating concepts of wellness of both the East and the West. After practicing and teaching Dance and wellness for over 40 years, I have developed an extensive knowledge of Breath Work, Nutrition, and Movement, these three Wellness approaches are drawn from the Yin Yang Philosophy. Through the study of our “Purposeful Exercise System” you will achieve the results that you have been searching for, including

Getting results begins by reviewing fundamentals you may have missed. You’ll start by learning our Purposeful Movement and then proceed to our “Injury-Free, Ageless Exercises” program. You will discover how to exercise without injury and enjoy your favorite sports, while choosing appropriate exercises and develop a better awareness of the necessary nutrition program that corresponds with the condition of your health. I will guide you safely as you advance in these new experiences of learning. In order to achieve fitness at a golden age, you must adopt a wellness lifestyle. You mustn’t forget the old saying that the older you are the wiser you are. Since making wise choices is based on a wealth of knowledge, daily practice, and commitment, you will learn to let go of the attitude that more is better and replace it with the question, "Am I doing it right?"

There are no short cuts or quick fixes. Learn it right, and enjoy optimum wellness for a lifetime!

Thanks. This is Ching the Wellness Educator at Heights of Wellness. Join me and begin your education in wellness.