Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is an important part of wellness care. At the most basic level it helps reduce stress, relieves muscle tension, increases flexibility, improves blood and lymph circulation and clears the mind. Through therapeutic massage, even people with restricted mobility can maintain muscle strength and decrease fluid build up. Therapeutic massage effectively demonstrates HoW to maintain optimum health.

Session can be one hour* or one and a half hour* long and can include one, or some of the following techniques delivered by our licensed massage therapists: Subtle energy body work, acupressure, AIS, deep tissue, and orthopedic massage.

*1 Hour Session is 55 minutes

Orthopedic / Deep Tissue Massage - Yueh Ching Chung
1 hour (55 minutes) $ 100.00
1 ½ hour (85 minutes) $ 150.00

48-hour cancelation Policy. Thanks!

For a Massage Therapy appointment in Hartford Studio call (860) 951-1110

Call (860) 951-1110