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Important guidelines for learning new movements:

  • Must be in-person with a knowledgeable instructor
  • Start with fundamental not wishful thinking
  • A well set-up classroom or studio
  • Appreciate the learning process, result will come in time

Heights of Wellness Academy: immersive 2 or 3-day workshops

Wellness living covers the awareness of 1). Breath work, 2). Nutrition, 3). Movement or Exercises The practice of Wellness Living is not limited to a certain age bracket. Instead, it is designed to share with people of all ages who are ready to enjoy the benefits

These benefits can include:
1). Acquiring a better form when exercising
2). Creating a more balanced exercise program
3). How to prevent injuries
4). An improved exercise program after joint replacement
5). Learning how to build & preserve energy with exercise
6). Developing a better understanding in the practice of Wellness vs. Fitness

Purposeful Exercise System is supported with the following 3 programs:

Program A - Missing Fundamentals as we called “Purposeful Movement”
Study 1 : 9 focuses in Purposeful Movement

Program B - Injury-Free Exercises
Study 2 : Purposeful Warmups and Stretching (standing, sitting, and floor)
Study 3: Purposeful Pilates and Strengthening

Program C - Ageless Exercises
Study 4 : Meaningful movement – Contemporary Qigong by Ching, (2 levels)
Study 5: Insightful movement – Taiji Chuan, (4 parts)

Due to coronavirus social and physical distancing – each workshop’s date will be added when the appropriate time comes.

Workshops & News

Workshops & News