Stott Pilates (group mat class)


Stott Pilates (group mat class)

Pilates Mat Classes are a total body conditioning program. The focus is on strength, flexibility and endurance training without adding bulk. Its creator, Joseph Pilates says, "You’re as young as your spine".

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Stott Pilates
The Workout Everyone is Talking About….

What is Stott Pilates? Stott Pilates is a highly effective way to shape up, slim down and feel great. It’s a contemporary approach to the mind-body exercise German athlete Joseph Pilates developed in the 1920s. An emphasis on movement quality, posture and breathing makes Stott Pilates a safe, challenging and revitalizing workout.

Once the secret of dancers and celebrities, now recommended by personal trainers and physical therapists everywhere.

Anyone who wants to be in top condition. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or in great shape already, STOTT PILATES is a stress-relieving way to achieve and maintain optimal fitness and well-being. Exercises are modified to suit your needs and abilities. So, regardless of your age, gender or condition, STOTT PILATES will leave you looking and feeling your very best!


  • Greater mind-body awareness
  • Enhanced performance(e.g. in dance, yoga, running, tennis, golf….life)
  • Core stability and body balance
  • Increased flexibility, agility and mobility
  • Relief of pain & tension
  • Flatter abdominals and better posture
  • Increased circulation
  • Stronger, longer, leaner muscles

The workout preferred by Madonna, Jessica Lange, Danny Glover, Courtney Cox, Glenn Close, John Cleese, Karen Kain & many others!

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