Sustainable learning

Sustainable learning

Points to think about:

  • Wishful thinking is not the essence of learning.
  • Learn it right, know it for a lifetime.
  • When did exercise become a punishment?
  • Real exercises are the foundation for an optimal mind and body.
  • Are you tired of repetitive and mindless exercises?


How’s sustainable learning Program:

Start with the foundation to build it up, enjoy the process!
  • One-to-One appointments – tailored experience at your own pace.
  • Workshops – an introduction to meet your body, and types of modalities to fit your age and health condition.
  • Videos – at home study support.


Practice at Heights of Wellness Studio

One to One Sessions:
  • Purposeful Movement
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Pilates with large equipment’s
  • Contemporary Qigong by Ching Level I & II
  • Taiji-Chuan, Part I, II and III
  • Mini Trampoline


    Group classes at studio:
  • Foundation: Purposeful Movement
  • Level I: Pilates I&II, with small equipments
  • Level II: Pilates with props II&III, with small equipments
    Eastern practices:
  • Contemporary Qigong by Ching
  • Complete Traditional Yang Style Taiji Chuan


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