Private Pilates


Private Pilates with apparatus
for one or two people

Pilates Apparatus is a practice using very specifically designed equipment. As a private session it will provide an effective workout based on individual capabilities and needs. People with physical limitations such as arthritis or scoliosis, as well as professional and recreational athletes can experience HoW to increase flexibility and strength without the risk of strained or over developed muscles. Heights of Wellness in Hartford Connecticut, offers Stott Pilates instruction, the contemporary approach to the teaching of J. H. Pilates, Promising and delivering


Individual session in Hartford Connecticut Studio

Private Sessions


Pilates All Apparatus

1 hour

$90.00 with Senior instructors
$850.00 for 10 sessions*


1 hour

$70.00 with Expert
$650.00 for 10 sessions*


Duet with all apparatus

1 hour

$60.00  Per person
$550.00 for 10 sessions* per person



1 hour

$140.00 (A combination of AIS, Pilates, Massage & Qigong / Taijiquan)
With C Y Ching
$1300.00 for 10 sessions*

1 Hour session is 55 minutes

* 48 hours cancelation Policy. Thanks!





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Stott Pilates (group mat class)